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How to Mail a DVD And COD Via USPS

The most cost effective way to mail a DVD is to use The United States Postal Service (USPS) media mail. You can visit any USPS location in the country to mail out your DVD. Media mail rates are based on size and weight, and a barcode discount is given for using the service. If you're sending DVDs in bulk (minimum of 300), a presorted rate is available. USPS does not allow advertising on media mail unless it's announcing a book.

Use a correctly sized box to package your DVD. (You can purchase a box at any USPS location.) Rigid, non-rectangular packages must be sent as parcels and will require a parcel fee.

Include the complete delivery address and return mailing address on the package. Make sure to include correct zip codes on your package.

usps mail hold

Tell the postal worker that you'd like to mail out your DVD using media mail. The postal associate will weigh and calculate the price.

Ask for delivery or signature confirmation. This optional service provides you with the date and time of delivery, or signature of the person who signed for the DVD.

How to Mail COD With USPS

COD, or Collect on Delivery, is a special option offered by the United States Postal Service for items mailed as Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail and most of the regular parcel services. COD is not available for international shipments or for APO/FPO addresses. When you mail a package or letter COD, the postal service will collect payment for the merchandise and the shipping directly from the recipient.

Prepare the package or letter for mailing. Take it to your local post office.

Select a mailing option, such as Priority Mail or First-Class Mail. Choose any additional services such as Delivery Confirmation or Return Receipt.

Tell the clerk you want to use COD. Provide the amount to be collected from the recipient.

Pay for the shipment. The post office will reimburse you for the shipping cost, minus the collection fee, when the package is delivered.

Notify the package recipient of the COD shipment. The mail carrier will collect payment in the form of a check or cash.

Tips & Warnings

www usps com

The cost of shipping something COD also includes insurance coverage of up to $1,000 if the item is lost or damaged.

How to Pick Up Mail at the U.S. Post Office

To pick mail up at the U.S. Post Office, you need to find the correct location, determine what kind of mail that you are picking up and find the appropriate service counter when you arrive.

Picking Up the Mail

Find the right location. If you are required to pick mail up at the post office, it could be for a variety of reasons. You might have had your mail forwarded there from another address, you may have a registered or certified letter you need to sign for, or you may need to pick up your mail from a post office box.

usps holiday hours

It is important that you determine the correct location to go to. There may be several locations in your area, but only one that services your particular home address with mail delivery. Go to USPS.com and click on "Locate A Post Office." Insert your street address including zip code and then click "Search." If there are multiple locations for your zip code, call the phone number next to the location to confirm that your mail goes through this location.

Typically, the U.S. Postal Service will deliver mail to your home address. But if the sender chooses to mail you a letter as "certified" or "registered," it usually means you are required to personally sign for reception of the item. If you are not at home when the letter carrier tries to delivery one of these letters, he will leave a small notice on your door or postbox indicting the arrival of the letter. It is important to read this notice to determine if the letter carrier is going to try to re-deliver to you the next day or if you can pick up this letter at the post office after a specific time.

Other possible reasons for mail pickup at the post office is because they have held your mail while you are out of town, you have forwarded your mail from a previous address, or you have requested general delivery to a post office. General delivery is available if you cannot receive mail at your address and a post office box is not an option for you.

Once you arrive at the post office, there will most likely be several service counter windows, depending on the size of your post office. To avoid standing in the wrong line or waiting unnecessarily, check posted signs or inquire with a customer service agent there. Once you determine the appropriate window to go to, it is simply a matter of waiting your turn and getting your mail.

You may be picking up your mail from a post office box. If you cannot receive mail at your address or simply prefer receiving mail at a post office, you will need to purchase the rental of a post office box. Fees for a six-month term start as low as $10 per month at some locations. If you are picking up mail from your post office box, go to USPS.com to determine the hours that the post office box lobby is open at your location. Some offices have 24-hour access.

Tips & Warnings

usps tracking number

To avoid the common long lines at the post office, consider the best time of the day to go. You might want to consider avoiding the lunch hour or after-work rush if possible.
If you are going on vacation, consider having your mail forwarded to a friend or family member. The mail-forwarding packet available at the post office allows you to decide the exact dates you would like mail forwarding to begin and end.

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Birthday Wishes For Father

147. “The days pass and we are left with the warm memories of our childhood as we would fight and bicker every time your birthday came around. This year, my present to you is silence and happiness.”

148. “It’s your birthday. It’s your birthday. It’s your birthday! Happy birthday to the best brother a brother could ask for in life.”

Good Morning Quotes For Husband

149. “Life is filled with uncertainty, but you have always been the one person I could rely on. Happy birthday.”

150. “Your birthday is all about you. Relax, enjoy the day, and be happy for another year of life.”

151. “Life goes by so fast, so take the time to enjoy your birthday like no other day.”

152. “As your older brother, I am supposed to be a role model, but you have shown me true strength throughout my life. I look up to you little brother. Happy birthday.”

153. “Strength and courage was shown to me by my younger brother. Today, we celebrate his birthday with a smile on our faces.”

154. “There is nothing that has ever made mom and dad smile the way you did when you were born. Happy birthday.”

155. “It’s not often that a special person is brought into this world, but your birthday is one of those days.”

156. “As twins, we share an amazing birthday. But, for me, this day is the day I met my true best friend – you.”

Happy Birthday Quotes For Sister

157. “Sweet and tough. That is my brother even on his birthday.”

158. “All the wishes in the world go to you today on your big day.”

159. “I know you hate getting older, but today is the day you are truly old!”

160. “Age is only a number – unless you’re my brother – damn you’re old today.”

161. “My gentle giant of a brother. Happy birthday.”

162. “Remember, your birthday was written in the stars.”

163. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my brother. Today, it’s his very special birthday.”

164. “The birthday that you share with the world brings more happiness than you’ll ever know.”

happy Birthday Messages For Wife

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Best Good Morning Messages

Suraj Tu Unko Mera Paigam dena
Khushi Ka Din or Hasi Ki Shaam dena
Jab Wo Dekhe Tujhe Baahar Aakar
To Unko Mera Salaam Dena!

Aap Na Hote To Hum Kho Gay Hote, Apni Zindagi Sa Ruswa Ho Gay Hote, Ye To Apko Gud Morning K Kehny K Liye Uthay Ha Warna Hum To Ab B So Rhy Hote Gud Morning.

Happy Birthday Messages For Girlfriend

Are utho…….
Ye koi sone ka waqt hai?
Jab dekho sote rehte ho?
Kya sari zindgi so so k bitani hai?
aur haa jaag jao to shor mat karna hum so rahe hai.
Good Morning

Wadiao Me Chand Sharmaya Hai
Fizao Me Nya Rang Chaya Hai
Khamosh Na Raho Ab To Muskrao
Aapki Muskan Dekhne Hi To Mera Sms Aaya Hai

Gulsan me bhanwron ka fera ho gya,
Purav me suraj ka dera ho gya.
Muskan ke saath aankhe khol pyare,
Ek baar fir se savera ho gya.
Good Morning have a wondrful day.

<| |>
/ \

Aakhe kholiye subah ho chuki.
Sari duniya khub so chuki.
Ab aur na koi baat kriye,
Mere mrng msg k sath Apne din ki shuruat kariye. !
Good Morning, Good Day

Subah ko satana Acha Lagta H

soye Hue ko Jagana Acha Lagta H

Jb yad Aati H kisi ki

use B Apni yaad dilana acha lagta H

Aey item chal uth,suraj ugela hai,
chand dubela hai,murga chilarela hai,
mast flower khilela hai,
jhakkas mahol bnela hai,
bole to kasam se ek dum rapchik

Har Nayi Subah Ka Naya Nazara,
Thandi Hawa Leke Aayi Paigaam Hamara.
Jaago,Utho,Taiyaar Ho Jao
Khushiyo Se Bhara Rahe Aaj Ka Din Tumhara

Mere sugar se mithe
teddy bear jaise
aasman se uche
pataal se gehre
barf se thande
aag se garam
aur sabse pyare dost
gud Morning
have a nice Day

Salam Ye Humari Subha Savery Sms Srvce Hy, Is Me Hum Sotey Huey Logo”n Ko Sms Kr k Jagaty Hyn Aur Un k Jaag Jany k Baad Hum Khud So Jaty Hyn Gud Morning ;->

1 Khushboo Gulab KE Saath Thori c Hansi Mazak KE Saath 1 Yaad Mulaqat K Saath Nai Subha Suraj Ki Pehli Kiran k Saath Hamesha Khush Raho Meri Duao”n K Saath ~Good Morning~

Subha Subha Suraj Ka Sath Ho Parindo”n Ki Awaz Ho Haath Main Chai Aur Yaado”n Main Aap Ho Us Khushnuma Subha Ki Kia Baat Ho … =*= GOOD =*= =*= MORNING =*=

Suna Hai Ke Kisi Ko ” GOOD MORNING ” Kehne Se Uski Subha Achi Hojati Hai …
Magar Hamne Mehsoon Kia hAi Ke Aap ko GooD moRning KarnE Se HamaRi SubHa AcHI hojatI hAi

Lo Aaj Hum Ne Aap Ko
Pehle Yaad Kia

Is Khoobsurat Subha
Ko Aap K Naam Kia

Acha Guzre Ye Din
Aap Ka

Dil Se Hum Ne Ye
Paigham Dia …

GoOd MoRnInG …

Pyari C Sweet C Neend K Baad,
Raat K Kch Haseen Lamhon K Baad,
Subah K Kuch Naye Sapno K Saath,
Duniya Me Kuch Apno K Sath,
Aap Ko Pyara Sa


Baharo ka sama hota hai apke aane se,
phool khilte hai aapki aahat se,
Har subah hoti hai apke MUSKURANE se.
Good morning........good morning sms for girlfriend

Naye Din Ki Nai Subha Ka Naya Naya Andaaz
Saare Din Ki Jholi Me Kuchh Chhupe Hue Hain Raaz
Tujhko Mujhko Har Kisi Ko Milna Hai Kuchh Aaj
To Aao Yaaron Khushi Khushi Kar Len Din Ka Aaghaaz…

Jago BALak!!
Suryoday ho chuka hai,
nitya karm se nivirt hoke..
Pavitra snaan purn karke,
mitro ko sandesh beje,
thoda alpahar kr le.

good morning wishes for her

good morning wishes for girlfriend

Good Morning Messages

Khilkhilati subah,Tazgi se bhara savera H,
fulo or baharo ne Apke liye rng bikhera H,
subah keh rhi hai jaag jao,
Apki muskurahat k bina sab Adhura Hai.

Log kehte hai_
Agr ache logo ko yaad kiya jaye to waqt b acha guzarta hai"
Mai socha apko..

Meri yaad Dila Du..
Good Morning

Happy Birthday Messages For Him

Uth kr dekhiye
subha ka NZARA

Hawa b hai thndi
mosam b hai

So gya chand aur
chup gya hr 1

Qubul ho ap ko Salam-e-subah
Good morning...

Gud morning ji
Chalo utho
aise udas kyu ho? (' ',)
Ok baba mt nhana
Now happy.!
Ab aeisi surat kyu bna rkhi hai..? (,' ')
ok baba muh bhi mt dhona OK!
Ab to muskrao : )

. . . . ))
. . . ./ L

Ufffff kitni jaldi "SUBHA" ho gai Pata hi Nhi Chala..! GÖÖD MÖRNING

Bhula dena use jo rula jay,
Yaad rakna use jo nibha jay,
Vada aapse karenge bahut log,
Mager dil ki baat kahna usse jiske bina ek pal n raha jay.
GØØD Morning

Subha Ki Kiran Boli Uth,
Dekh Kya Nazara Hai! Mai Ne Kaha Ruk,
Pehle Msg To Ker Loo Us dost Ko Jo. . . . .
Subha Se Bhi Pyara Hai. GooD MorninG || latest good morning sms in hindi ||

Hot Tea Aapke Bed Pe Hai,
Suraj Ki Kirne Aapke Head Pe Hai,
News Paper Aapke Gate Pe Hai,
Ab To Uth Jaiye,
Koi Aapke SMS k Wait Me Hai.
Good Morning


][\/][ ORNING

][    ][
]["""][ AVE A NICE DAY...........latest good morning sms in Hindi

Baharo ka sama hota hai apke aane se,
phool khilte hai aapki aahat se,
Jyada mat soiye janab kyoki Har subah hoti hai apke MUSKURANE se.
G@@D Morning.


Waqt kabhi bewafa nahin hota,
har dil bura nahin hota,
sonchte hain jo dusre k liye accha,
unhe khud ki khubiyo ka pta nahi hota...

; ; ; ; ; ;
c("""") c("""")
"""" -.- """"
$pecia£ TEA
Ek mere lye
dosri b mere lye.
tume chaiye to
apni bana k piyu..
Gud Morning.

Subah ki Pyari Ronak to Dekho,
In Ankho me Basi unki Tasveer to Dekho,
Hum ne Aapko Pyara sa Good Morning SMS kiya hai,
Ek bar Uth kar Mobile to Dekho.

faasle mita kar aapas me pyaar rakhna.
dosti ka yeh rishta humesha yun hi barkaraar rakhna.
bichad jaye kabhi aap se hum.
ankho me humesha humara intezaar rakhna.

Gam ki halat me muskurana badi baat hai.
Thokar khakar dil lagana badi baat hai.
Inkaar kiya ho har baar jisne,.
Har bar usiko chahna badi baat hai GM

Ek bar karo na plz..
Yaar Its so easy
Yaar Its free
kisi ko pata nahi chalega.
plz karo naaa........
karo naaa........
muje acha lage ga...
muje acha lage ga...

are baba ek Good morning sms

Good Morning..!
Ab neeche nashta
dhond rahe ho kia?
Aik bar keh to diya
“Good Morning”

Bura Lage
Bhala Lage
Right Lage
Wrong Lage
True Lage False Lage
Sar Patthar pe Maro
Patthar Sir par
isi time Good morning bolenge

Pyasi nigahon se mat dekh Mere "D0ST"
Mere Pas Chaye Ka 1 Hi Cup Hai.
(‘.’) ,’,’,
_//_ “” Pine De Yar
GOOD MORNING......latest good morning sms in Hindi

good morning quotes for her

good morning messages for her